Passport and Visa

Documents to carry:

Passengers are required to ensure that they are in possession of all documents necessary for travel, apart from their tickets. For international travel, passengers require to be in possession of valid passport, valid visa and/or entry permits and health certificates as required. Embarkation forms should be duly filled and submitted to customs and immigration authorities before boarding the aircraft.

First time traveler:

Traveling by air can be a tiring business if you are new to it. So it’s best to be prepared, especially if your destination is a foreign country. Passengers should ensure that they have all necessary documents – tickets, passports, visas, insurance and currency/cash. Ensure all baggage is properly tagged and identified. Give yourself lots of time to get to the airport, allowing for traffic congestion, bad weather etc. Our check-in counters open three hours prior to departure and passengers should report well in time. Ensure you know the correct airport, terminal of departure/arrival and, if possible, have someone meet you on arrival. For all other requirements please do not hesitate to approach our ground and in-flight staff for assistance.


All foreigners visiting Bhutan must have a valid visa clearance letter issued by the Department of Immigration of Bhutan prior to boarding of flight. They are required to produce a copy of the visa clearance letter issued by the Department of Immigration-Bhutan at the time of check-in. The Initial Reference letter issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is not valid for Travel. Any passenger without valid visa clearance letter will be denied at Check-in counter and Bhutanairlines will not be liable for any claims.

Indian Nationals:

All Indian Nationals visiting Bhutan does not require visa to enter Bhutan. Travel documents required are passport or voters ID card or Citizenship ID card.

Bangladesh & Maldives Nationals:

All Bangladesh and Maldives National does not require visa to enter Bhutan. Travel documents required is passport.

*Note: All passengers are advised to check their passport validity which should not be less than 6 months from the date of travel. Bhutanairlines will not be liable and will refuse check-in of those passengers whose passport does not meet the validity requirements.