Checkin Services

Check-in counters open 180 minutes prior to flight departure. Guests travelling in groups (9 or more guests) are advised to report to the airport at least 120 minutes prior to the flight departure.

Check-in counters are closed 45 minutes before departure time for all classes. Passenger who have not reported to the airport by 45 minutes prior to departure, will be offloaded from the flight and have their seats released for guests on standby.
In order to maintain schedules, the boarding gate will be closed 25 minutes before departure time. Passenger who do not report at the boarding gate will not be boarded.

Kolkata Check-in Counter

Bangkok Check-in Counter

Paro Check-In Counter

Other information:

For your convenience, your bag will be tagged to its final destination (subject to applicable Security & Customs regulations)
Passenger will have to pickup and clear their bags through Customs at the first port of entry.

For Passenger who have through checked-in to one of our airline partners out of India and Bangkok, You need to inform our counter prior to check-in and while reaching to transit station you need to check with the transit carrier whether your bag has been reached there or not.
Bhutan Airlines will make every attempt to maintain scheduled departure and connections. However, in the event of delays and misconnection, Bhutan Airlines cannot be held liable.